How do I use the Locations feature?

The Locations feature enables you to keep track of where all of your objects are located at any given time. After creating specific locations, you can assign objects to them. Your object’s current location will then be visible to you throughout the platform and when required, you can view your object’s location history.

Adding Locations

  1. In order to add and locations, you must first click on Locations on left hand menu panel.
  2. Click on the red +Location button in the top left of the locations page.



  1. Enter the New Location Name as instructed, then save it by hitting the Add button.



  1. Your location is now saved and ready for you to set as an object’s location. See below for instructions on how to set an object’s location.


Adding Sub-Locations

If necessary, you may need to add sublocations in order to better describe exactly where your objects are located. For example, an object maybe located in the hallway, on the ground floor of a particular property.

  1. Click on Locations on left hand menu panel.
  2. Click on the location the first column that you want to add sublocations to, then move your cursor to the next column over – click on +Sublocation, which will appear just above the second column.



  1. Having clicked on +Sublocation, enter the sublocation name (e.g. First Floor) and save by hitting Add.


If you need to add an additional sublocation to the one you have just created, simply click on the sublocation you have just created, and move your cursor over to the next column. As before, click on +Sublocation that appears at the top of the locations page, enter the name and save.


Managing Locations

In order to edit, delete or add more details about your locations simply hover over the location name and click on Manage, which will present you with the following options:

  • Rename
  • Edit Address
  • Edit Notes
  • Delete



How to set an Object’s Location

Now that you’ve created some locations (and sublocations), you can start assigning objects to them. You can either do this for one object at a time, or multiple objects in one go:

Setting the location from the Object Page

  1. Click into an object and scroll down object page until you reach the Location section. Hover your cursor over the section and click Edit.



  1. Click on the Current Location field and start typing in the name of the location you want, to set it, click on the location name.



  1. Finish by hitting Save. 


Every time you change an object’s current location, the previous location will be recorded in the Location History field.


Setting the location using Bulk Edit

  1. From a list of objects, select the objects that you wish to set the location for.



  1. Then click on the Actions button in the top right of the screen, and select Bulk Edit from the actions menu;



  1. Click on the Field to Update and search Current Location.



  1. Then, search and find the location you want to assign the objects to in the Location field;



  1. Finish up by hitting Save.



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