How to Add an Object – Visual How To Guide

To get started managing your collection on Collectrium the first step is to learn how to add an object!

Each Object in Collectrium represents an item in your collection. Once you have added your object, all of your supporting information: cataloguing, location, financials, images, and attachments, can be added and accessed from one page.

How to Add an Object

1. Click on the +Object button in the top right hand corner of the screen – this will produce a new object window to fill in;

  • This button is always available on both the Objects and Groups page, accessed via the left hand menu panel.


2. Fill in the fields provided in the new object window such as Category (required), Creator (e.g. Artist),  Title and Location;

  • Once you are done, click on the red Add Object button.



3. Having created your object you will be taken to the new Object Page, where you can add additional details such as cataloguing, financials, images, and attachments, all on one page.



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