Data Migration with the Standard Import Template – Visual How To Guide

When you sign up for Collectrium you can import your collection data yourself, or pass this task to a Collectrium Registrar (an additional fee is payable for this service). If you choose to have Collectrium import your data en mass, this is done using the Standard Import Template, a copy of which will be emailed to you. This document shows you how to complete the Template, so that your collection data can be imported properly.

Standard Import Template Explained

The Standard Import Template is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet: each horizontal row represents an Object in your collection, each vertical column a field of information in Collectrium. In this image, rows are edged in red and columns in blue. Where they intersect is edged in purple.


1. Gather all documentation related to your collection (invoices, business cards, sales catalog, shipping and storage information, etc.). Organize this information by item – the items in your collection are known as Objects in Collectrium.

2. Download the Template emailed from your Collectrium Representative l and open it in Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. Enter the first Object’s reference number (accession number), artist or maker, artist biography and title in the first row. You may leave any field blank if it is not applicable to an Object or if you prefer to add this information later.

3. Fill out each column with the information for that Object, being sure to enter the information for the correct row.

4. Repeat this process for each Object you add. If you already have collection data in an Excel spreadsheet, you may copy and paste each row or column to the Standard Import Template. This is a useful shortcut as long as it is done with care.


5. When you have completed the Template, email it along with digital attachments and images to your Collectrium Representative, or use a file transfer program if this is what has been recommended. The Template should be sent in Excel (.xlsx) format. Attachments should be sent in a single, compressed (zipped) folder. Images should also be sent this way, but in a separate folder.



Points of Note

  • If there is no corresponding field in Collectrium for an attribute (for example attachments  or catalog notes) you would like imported, add a new column to the far right, after the column entitled Fourth Image File Name. You can always consult with your designated Client Specialist on field options before creating a new column.

  • Certain fields require a specific format for input. Please see this post on Explanation of Fields for a quick guide on how to fill out these fields.


What Does Collectrium Do With Your Template?

On receipt of your completed Template, a Collectrium Specialist will parse the information into formatted sheets called CSVs, and import these into a test account, along with any accompanying images and attachments. Once you approve the test account, your data is transferred to your account in a final import. Please note that we will delete or return to you any source data/materials provided, to protect your privacy.


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