Private Viewing Rooms – Step by Step Visual Guide

Private Viewing Rooms (PVRs) are private, visual digital spaces which give you the ability to grant a third party temporary access to view a specific Group of objects and selected details about them. PVRs can be shared with as many people as you like and with varying degrees of access.

How to set up a Private Viewing Room

1. Start by clicking on the Group that you wish to set up as a PVR via the Groups page.



2. In the Group page, click on Share as Private Viewing Room at the top of the screen.



3. Check the Share Group as Private Viewing Room box, and a pop-up window will appear for you to adjust the Sharing Settings.



4. The Sharing Settings window enables you to customise the PVR details, object attributes and levels of access:

  • Private Viewing Room Name: by default this is set as the group’s name but you can change this if needed
  • Access: set an expiration date so that access to the PVR expires on a certain date, and/or apply password protection.
  • Attributes Shared: select which object attributes are displayed in the PVR such as Creator, Title, Date, Medium, Asking Price, etc., etc.
  • Customise Presentation: customize the presentation of your PVR by adding introductory and concluding remarks about the group of objects, include your own logo and define the way in which the objects are displayed. You can also enable the invitees of your PVR to download Factsheets for the objects included.



5. The Private Viewing Room section enables you to enter emails addresses by clicking on the Send by Email button, or copy the PVR link and send it how you want by clicking on Copy.



6. Once you are satisfied with how the PVR is set up and you have invited people to view, hit Save to save your preferences.



Managing your Private Viewing Room

Once you have saved your PVR you will return to the original group page. You will notice that a new option has appeared at the top of the screen called Private Viewing Room.

By clicking on this you will be presented with a the same PVR setting options as when you first set it up, so you can make amendments to it when you see fit.



By clicking on View Private Viewing Room you can view the PVR and what the invitees see.



If you would like to amend the order in which the objects included in the PVR are arranged, firstly, ensure that the Sort By option (at the top of the group page) is set to Custom. Then drag and drop the objects into the order you want them to appear. This will be reflected in the PVR.


To change the PVR back to a regular Group, click on Share as Private Viewing Room at the top of the screen; click on Sharing Settings and then uncheck the Share Group as Private Viewing Room box. Confirm the change by hitting Save.




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