How to Create a Smart Group – Visual How To Guide

A Smart Group is a useful tool that enables you to organise the objects in your collection by saving your filter search as a group.

Smart Groups populate automatically and will update as you add more objects to your collection that match the criteria you have applied with the filters.

How to Create a Smart Group

1. Click on the search field at the top of the left hand menu panel;

  • this will produce the filter menu down left the hand side of your screen.


2. Start applying the filters by ticking the checkbox next to each option;

  • by scrolling down the menu you can reveal more filter options by clicking on +Show Advanced;
  • notice that the objects displayed in the list view changes every time you tick on of the options.
  • for more information on how to use Filters see: Filter Search Function


3.Once you are ready to save your filter search as a Smart Group, click on the SAVE AS SMART GROUP button in the bottom left hand corner of your screen.


4. Enter a Group Name, and select which Section you would like the group to be placed on the Groups page. Finish off by hitting the Add button.


5. Once your Smart Group has been created it will appear on the Groups page (and denoted by a cog icon);

  • if you did not select a Section it will automatically be placed in the Uncategorised Groups Section on the Groups page.


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