Organization Hierarchy – Visual How To Guide

Collectrium enables you to organize your collection in a clear visual way that best suits your needs. There are three levels in the platforms organisational hierarchy: Objects, Groups, and Sections.

The Basics

Objects are placed in Groups, and Groups are placed in Sections.

  • Groups that have not been added to a Section will automatically appear in the Uncategorised Groups
  • Objects that have not been added to any Group will automatically appear in Ungrouped Objects


How to Organize

Clients often ask for advice on how to organize their collections with Sections and Groups. There is no right or wrong way. You should consider your individual needs then set out a framework. If your collection contents or your needs change, it’s easy to reorganize your items. To get you thinking about this, here are some suggestions:

  • For Collectors. Use Sections to organize Objects according to type; Groups can be used within each section to further specify type. Here’s an example:
    • Section: Fine Art
      • Groups: Paintings; Sculpture; Photography; Drawings & Works on Paper; Mixed Media
    • Section: Decorative Art
      • Groups: Silver; Porcelain & Ceramics; Glass; Lighting & Furniture
    • Section: Luxury Items
      • Groups: Jewelry; Watches; Wine & Spirits: Handbags; Automobiles.
  • For Appraisers. Have a Section correspond to a client’s name, and the Groups to the different aspects of that client’s collection:
    • Section: Smith Estate
      • Groups: Grandmother’s Jewelry; Paintings; Drawings & Works on Paper; Sculptures; Household Contents; Furniture
  • Collectors of artifacts may choose to create Sections based on culture and Groups based on artform, for example:
    • Section: Ancient Roman Art
      • Groups: Sculpture; Mosaics; Objects; Jewelry
    • Section: Indian Art
      • Groups: Textiles; Sculpture; Objects; Paintings
  • A Section can also be used to designate time periods, with Groups separating the artforms:
    • Section: 20th Century Art
      • Groups: Abstract Art; Photographs; Lithographs; Decorative Arts; Sculptures


How to Re-Organize

1. You can move a Group from one Section to another by dragging and dropping the Group into the new Section. As you drag the Group, a dashed outline will appear. Drag the Group over the dashed outline into the desired Section.


2. Alternatively, click on the Group you want to move. Once the group page has loaded, click on the Manage Group button in the top right of the screen and select Edit Group from the drop-down menu.



In the pop-up window choose the Section to move your Group to; then confirm the change by clicking the Update button.



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