Generate a report with USPAP compliant appraisal information – Visual How To Guide

To generate a report with USPAP compliant valuation/appraisal information, you will first need to go to the valuation you wish to use.

1. To access the list of your existing valuations click on Activities, found in the left hand menu panel.



2. Either scroll through the list of activities to find the valuation you are after, or use the filter to narrow down your search.



3.Once you have found the valuation you are after, click on it. This will navigate you to the valuation transaction page.



4. Click on the Appraisal/Valuation Report option in the top right corner of the screen: this will produce a dialog box.



5. Once you are happy with the report settings and it’s content, click Generate at the bottom of the dialog box. When your report is fully generated it will be placed in your device’s Downloads folder.



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