Delete or Edit Financial Information – Visual How To Guide

There two ways to delete or edit financial information. The first is from the object page, where you can quickly add to, or edit a limited number of fields of the financial transaction; the second is directly from the transaction page itself, where you can not only edit all aspects of the transaction, but delete it too.

Edit Financial Information from the Object Page

1. Go to the object page in question.

2. Scroll down to Activities & Financials section and click on the financial transaction you wish to update, such as Acquisition or Expense; hover your mouse over the transaction and then click on Edit.



3. Having clicked Edit, a dialog box containing a limited number of financial fields for you to update such as price, tax or comments will appear. Once you have finished your edits, hit Save.2.delete-edit-financial-info


Delete or Edit Financial Information Directly from the Transaction Page

If you find that you need to update fields that are not available in the dialog described above, go to the transaction page itself to get access to all fields. From here you will also be able to remove objects from the transaction or delete the entire thing.


1. Go to the Activities list page by clicking on Activities in the left hand menu panel. This will produce a list of all the financial activities recorded on your account;

  • Scroll through the list or use the Filter to help locate the transaction you wish to edit.



2. Once you have clicked into the transaction, you will be presented with two tabs: Objects and Details.

  • Click on the Details tab to update transaction details such as Buyer and Seller contact information, Terms & Conditions, and add attachments.


  • Click on the Objects tab to update financial information relating to objects specifically such as Price, Discount, Taxes and Comments. Either edit or remove an object from the transaction by selecting the object, clicking on the red Actions button and then select Edit or Delete.



3. To delete the entire transaction, click on the Delete button towards the top right of the page.



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