Collectrium Digital Platform Supports Watches, Cars and Jewelry Cataloging – Visual How To Guide

Indulge your passion for collecting fine watches, cars and jewelry. Organize your collection from the palm of your hand, managing collection details using new premium tools  exclusive to Collectrium. From researching the provenance of a vintage automobile to discovering the value of an antique watch, Collectrium leads the industry in digital innovation through cutting edge technology. Manage and care for your watch, car and jewelry collection with one single comprehensive hub of tools, services and information, easily accessible through any computer or mobile device. Granular privacy settings and bank-level security features ensure that only you and those you designate have access to your collection.

How to Use

With these newly launched categories, you’ll find unique fields corresponding to your collection. Simply click into the Attributes section in your Collectrium account to find these specialized fields and fill in your collection information. Once you hit Save, you can always return to this section and edit later.

It’s simple for car collectors to upload detailed collection information with  specific fields to catalog chassis number, engine torque, body style and more.
New Feature - Car Fields

With customized fields like model and movement number, case materials and case shape, watch collectors  manage collections with precision.
New Feature - Watch Fields

Jewelry collectors will find fields for certification, gemstones and metal type for easy and enjoyable collection management.

New Feature - Jewelry Fields

These specialized fields empower you to better catalog and track each item in your collection using Collectrium. Keep up to date with the latest Collectrium features with unique fields for Wines and Spirits to come in our next release.

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