What’s New in Release 5.53 – April 12, 2017

New Features

Links for websites and emails are now clickable. Clicking a url will open a new tab with the website. Clicking emails will now open a new message to that email address in your computers default email client.

System Improvements

Auto Complete

Auto complete functionality has previously required at least three characters to work. After some collector feedback, we have removed that requirement and autocomplete will start working after a single character.

Dimension Formatting

The disploy formatting for dimensions has been modified to be more consistent across the platform. Trailing zeros have been removed.

Bug Fixes

Many bug fixes were made this release. Notable among them:

  • The ‘Select All’ feature should now be functioning properly.
  • A sporadic bug was fixed that would display the Collectrium generated Accession Number instead of the client entered number upon initial creation of the new Accession Number.
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