Enable Support Access – Visual How To Guide

Every now and then you may require the assistance of a member of the Collectrium Support Team to achieve a task on your account. In order to do this you need to activate Support Access.

Once you have enabled support access a set of unique credentials will be sent to the member of Support handling your case. They will then be able to jump onto your account and help you achieve your task.

How to Enable Support Access

1. Go to the Settings page by clicking on the Settings icon in the bottom left hand corner of the your screen.



2. From the array of tabs displayed on the Settings page, go to the Support tab on the far right; and click on Enable Support Access.



3. Provide a brief description of what you need help with, then click Enable.


Remember, disabling Support Access is just as easy as it is to enable. Simply return to the Support tab and click on Disable Support Access once you are finished.

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