New Features


Users now have the ability to break up their multi part objects into their component items. For example, even though a diamond ring has many different parts, previously a user could only create a record for the ring as a whole. With components, they can create objects for all the individual parts that are combined to make that ring; the stones, the band, the decorative storage box, etc. Components is an extremely permeative new feature of Collectrium which can be found in many aspects of logging information about your objects. In order to create components for you objects, scroll to the bottom of your object’s detail page and click “Components” in the “More” section.


A new modal form will be presented where a user can either associate an existing object as a component or they can create a new object as a component all together.


As stated above, if you use components, you’ll notice that its added functionality is available in many areas of Collectrium. Transactions, Locations, and Details are just a few.

Printing of Object Details Page

A few months ago, we released an entirely redesigned Object Details Page. This new design was meant to put all the relevant object details on one page for easier consumption and data entry. As another benefit, this release includes the ability to print Object Detail Pages. When viewing an Object’s Detail Page, simply click the Collectrium Logo on the top right corner of your screen and choose “Print” from the menu.


Bug Fixes

Many bug fixes were made this release. Notable among them:

  • The ability to Bulk Edit large numbers of objects has been fixed.