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Collectrium’s new Components feature allows you to break up multi-object items into their constituent parts – enabling you to accurately record the location for each specific component. This even enables you to record information such as expenses or condition for each item too. Learn how to utilise this incredibly useful feature by following the example shown below.


In this example we will be recording a suite of 10 dining chairs that you have recently acquired. In this instance, the chairs are split between two locations: 5 are in the in the dining room, and 5 are in the basement.

1. Create a Parent Object that represents the component parts as whole, e.g. A suite of 10 dining chairs

  • Add any cataloguing, financial information and necessary documentation
  • Now you can begin adding the first of the two constituent parts.



2. Scroll down to the bottom of the parent object detail page until you reach the section called More; click on +Components;



3. You will then be presented with the Add Component form, which you can create a new object as a component, e.g. “5 dining chairs”. Fill in the new object details and once you are finished click Add.

  • You also have the option to add an existing object from your collection as a component part. Do this by ticking the box “use existing object as component” and use the search field to find the object.



4. Once you have added the first component object (representing one half of the suite of chairs) you will be returned to parent object detail page.

  • In order to set the location of the new component, click on the object entry found under the Components section. Once on the object page add current location.



5. Now it is time to added the second component object which will represent the other 5 chairs sitting in the basement. To do this, return to the Parent Object click on the object entry under the section called Component of;



6. Having been returned to the parent object, scroll down to the Components section in the middle of the page and click on Add Component.

  • Add the second component object by repeating steps 3 and 4 until you have added all the necessary details.


Component objects (and their basic cataloguing and location details) are displayed on the parent object details page, under the Components section.

In order to unlink a component from it’s parent object scroll down to the Components section; hover your mouse of the object you wish to unlink, and click on Remove Component.


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