Guest Post — Marina Bertoldi Art Affairs

Marina Bertoldi Art Affairs is a premier art advisory firm in Brazil with a special mission to support local artists. Please read below to learn how Marina and her team use Collectrium to power their business.

“In contemporaneity, education might be the constant state to be in. Alert and inspired by what is external, strengthening the internal. Or vice-versa inspried by the micro strengthening the macro conscious.” Maria Eugenia Salcedo Repolé

To promote this vision in a fast growing and complex art world MARINA BERTOLDI ART AFFAIRS is a client-based company fully dedicated to enhance the presence of Brazilian Art. Through an independent, focused, and discreet approach, we offer tailor-made services to deepen and develop art collections as well as assist artists in developing their potential.

There is a large range of outstanding artworks and collection in private hands. Our active collection management services allow our clients to have the best experience possible out of their artworks. Through deeper understanding and concise narratives, we ultimately make collections come to life. Exclusively powered by Collectrium

In an ever growing art world, for purposeful acquisitions, we strategically advise our clients on building repertoire and connecting with what they own. Through up to date industry knowledge and focused identity creation, we work so our clients’ interests encounter what we believe is best.

Set to each artist’s specifications, we encourage the activities related to one’s creative processes. Our Project amplifies and promotes the work of young Brazilian artists through constant exchanges and independent actions.

For more information on Marina Bertoldi Art Affairs, email or follow on Instagram.

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