Generating Reports – Visual How To Guide

Reports are a powerful resource for providing quick overviews of aspects of your collection, and for communicating information about your collection to others. With Collectrium you can create multiple types of Reports for one, some, or all of your objects.

Generating Reports

1. Start by selecting individual objects to include in your report by clicking the checkmark next to the Object title, or use the Select All button at the top of the page;

– Checkmarks will turn red to indicate which Objects have been selected.



2. Having made your selection click on the red Actions button in the top right hand corner of the page. Then click Report/Export at the top of the the actions menu;

– this will produce the report module with which you can select from a list of industry standard templates, or, create custom templates which can be saved for repeat use;

– learn how to create your own custom report templates here.



3. Select the report template you wish to use by clicking on the template name (which is in bold);

– The icon to the left of template title indicates what the overall layout of the report layout, and a description describing the content is also available beneath.



4. Once you have clicked on the template you want to use, enter a Report Title (optional) in the field provided then hit Generate.



5. Watch the progress of your report generation in at the bottom centre of your screen. Once completed your new report will then be downloaded to your browser and available for viewing in your downloads folder.



Report Template Actions

It is possible to duplicate or edit existing templates to suit your requirements. Also, if there is a template you no longer want included as an option, you can delete it.

To do this, hover your cursor over the template option and click on Actions to the right which will produce a drop down menu. The options available to you are Edit, Duplicate, and Delete Report.


As an alternative to using Collectrium’s industry standard templates, you can start from scratch by clicking on + Report in the bottom left corner of the new report window. Learn how to create your own report templates here.


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