What’s New in Release 5.60 – October 26, 2017

New Features

New Features


While Collectrium was initially conceived as a way to track fine art objects, over the past year or so the platform has received incremental support for non fine art objects as well (cars, wine, jewelery, etc). With each additional category, the vocabulary surrounding the maker of these valuable objects became increasingly complex and at times, inapplicable. A quick example would be the fact that a car does not typically have an artist associated with it. With this release, the concept of ‘Artist’ has been expanded to the more encompassing ‘Creator’ in order to cover all types of collectables. You’ll be able to find these changes throughout the platform considering the Creator concept is intrinsic to most objects. While “Creators” in the left sidebar is the easiest to find, you’ll also see these changes in reports, the dashboard, private viewing rooms and search to name only a few.

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