Meet the Team: Yuliya Karniyevich

Yuliya Karniyevich

Yuliya Karniyevich, Development Project Manager, Collectrium, describes the how the development team brings the platform to life.

Tell us a bit about your role and how you came to join Collectrium?

My main responsibilities include: managing the development teams and outside vendors as well as pure project management. I joined Collectrium in January 2015, and ever since then, I have loved what I do and the people at work. Prior to Collectrium, I was a Project Manager for a digital agency, where one of my biggest projects was to control a billboard on Times Square!

What is a typical day like for you?

I start my day at 8.00AM. My first task of the day is to get in touch with the development team in Minsk, Belarus to go over the progress of existing projects and plan for the next day. After I finish getting updates from the tech leads, I move on vendor management. I check incoming invoices and take action to submit those for payments. I have daily meetings  where I provide updates and collect feedback for main stakeholders. Finally, the rest of my day is dedicated to daily project management duties.

What might people be surprised to learn about your work?

THe most common question I get is why I changed career fields. I graduated from business school with a major in economics and now I work in IT.  My answer is simple: I switched to IT for joy!  I love to see how an idea is transformed into something live, something that is tangible and useful.

Tell us about recent Collectrium development projects?

Currently our development team is getting ready for a new release. We are in continous development and we release updates several times a month. In our last release, we updated the Reports feature which was very widely anticipated by our clients. We also deployed a number of system improvements and bug fixes. Basically, like iOS updates that you would do for your iphone!

How do you spend your free time?

I love to cook. Lately I have been into Asian cuisines. My current favorite is coconut shrimp soup. I also enjoy the outdoors and spending time with friends and family. I love to travel, and I have visited more than 25 countries. I adore Greece.

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