What’s New in Release 5.62 – December 13, 2017

New Features

System Improvements

Bug Fixes

  • This release includes a number of bug fixes that will improve the overall user experience.

New Features

Multifactor Authentication

Multifactor Authentication is a new optional security feature that our users can now utilize. Multifactor authentication is the concept of having an additional form of authentication outside of a username and password (things that you know) that is provided from an external source (things that you possess). By requiring both, the security of an account can be greatly increased. To turn on MFA, visit the profile tab in the account settings. At the bottom, you can toggle the feature and make your way through the setup steps. Remember to provide meaningful answers to your security questions and to download your list of one time use emergency codes (in case you’re ever without cell access).

System Improvements


Locations management gets a complete overhaul with this release. We’ve updated the layout and design to be much more intuitive to use. Users can easily see all the locations and sublocations that they have created in their account. They can now drag and drop objects to different locations, greatly simplifying the process of creating a location change. To explore, access Locations in the sidebar. Just as a reminder, users can still bulk edit the location of multiple objects; simply select those objects and choose ‘Bulk Edit’ in the Action Menu. In the modal that appears, choose “Current Location” as the field to change and choose the location you’d like to move the selected objects to.

Export To Excel

In the past, users had the option of exporting any list-view selections to a simple excel sheet. This functionality has also been greatly improved, providing far more customization and an easier interface. Exports are now generated and downloaded on the fly, so users no longer have to wait for pending exports to show up in their attachments.

Location Option For Initial Object Creation

One small improvement made this release involves adding a new object to the collection. Users now have the option to log the location of the new object in the initial creation modal, which should hopefully cut down on the number of clicks users have to make in order to log basic object information.

Bug Fixes

Many bug fixes were made this release. Notable among them:

  • A bug that was preventing users from deleting a previously uploa
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