How to Setup Auto-Generated Invoice Numbers – Visual How To Guide

Keeping track of your sale invoices is integral to good accounting. One of the key attributes of any invoice is the Invoice Number. Without it, there is little chance of accurately keeping track of your sales, nor indeed the invoices themselves.

Collectrium enables you to setup auto-generated invoice numbers, that are automatically assigned to your sale transactions, and displayed on the invoices you issue to the buyer. The fact that they are auto-generated also means errors that occur through manual entry are avoided completely.

How to Setup Auto-Generated Invoice Numbers

1. Click on the Settings icon in the bottom left hand corner of your screen, then click on the Configurable Fields tab.



2. Scroll down to the Auto Generate section and select Invoice no;  



3. Define the format of the auto-generated invoice number by selecting a combination of unique numbers, characters, date formats and separators (if needed); then finish up by hitting Save.

  • Next time you go to record a sale transaction, an auto-generated invoice number will automatically populate the Invoice No. field.



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