How to Add a Group Cover Image – Visual How To Guide

This feature enables you to create a more aesthetically pleasing view of your collection by adding a cover image to each group displayed on Groups page. A group cover image will also help you identify your groups more easily. Collectrium enables you to organize your collection by Section and Groups giving you the flexibility to arrange your collection according to your needs: you can group by anything from genre, colour, date, location or even a complete random set of criteria.

Add a Group Cover Image

1. Start from the Groups page and click into the group that you would like to add a cover image to.


2. Select the the object the object that has the image you want to use by clicking on the check box on the left hand side of the object row. The check box will turn red once an object has been selected.


3. Click on the red Actions button in the top right hand corner of the page and then select Use as Group Cover from the actions menu.


4. Return to the groups page by clicking on Groups listed towards the top of the left hand menu panel and see that your cover image has been set.


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