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Collectrium supports many different types of financial and administrative transactions – ranging from Acquisitions and Insurance Policies to Condition Reports and Exhibitions. On the Collectrium platform these are considered collectively as Activities, all of which can be found and managed on Activities page.

To access the Activities page simply click on Activities in the left hand manu panel.




Add a new activity by clicking on +Activity button in the top right hand corner of the screen; select the activity you want by clicking one of the options in the menu; then continue adding the details required.


Delete unwanted activities by selecting them from the list, clicking on the red actions button in the right hand corner of the page, and then hit Delete.


Print a list of activities by selecting those you want to appear on your printout, clicking on the red Actions button in the right hand corner of the page, and then hit Print.


When you initially land on the activities page you will be presented with a list of all your activities and financial transactions, but this can be condensed into more manageable lists with the use of the filter. For instance, you may wish to just view your Acquisition transactions. 

1. Click on the Filter button in the top left hand corner page;

  • This will produce a list of filters down the left hand side of your screen.



2. Select one of the filter options by clicking on it (e.g. Acquisitions);

  • See that the list has been filtered down so that only acquisition transactions are displayed.




If you find that this filter option is one that you will regularly use, then save it as a Bookmark.

1. Apply a filter to the activities list; then click on the grey bookmark icon in the top right corner of the screen (next to the filter button).



2. Having clicked on the bookmark icon, enter a name to save it under, then hit Save.



3. Your bookmark will then be saved and displayed under My Bookmarks in the left hand menu panel.


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