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Collectrium’s Bookmark feature provides you with the ability to save frequently used lists of Objects or Activities based on specific filters and sort orders. By other names (familiar to many internet users) bookmarks are essentially ‘Favorites’ or ‘Shortcuts’.

Create a Bookmark

In order to create a Bookmark for objects lists you will need to start by performing a filter search. 

1. Click on the Search field at the top left hand corner of the screen.

  • Having clicked on this you will be presented with the a search bar across the top of the screen. Down the left hand side you will see an array of filter options.



2. Tick the filter options to condense the list of objects that appear before you;

  • The initial filter options available range from Category, Artist/Maker, to Current Location and Status;
  • By clicking on + Show Advanced at the bottom of the left filter menu panel, even more filters are available, including Acquisition Price, Insurance Value, Tags, Dimensions and Ownership.



3. Set the sort order of your object list by clicking on the Sort By option at the top of the page;

  • This will be saved after you have created the Bookmark.



4. Then click on the grey bookmark icon in the top left of the screen (next to number count).



5. Having clicked on the bookmark icon, enter a name to save it under, then hit Save.

  • Your bookmark will then be saved and displayed under My Bookmarks in the left hand menu panel.



Manage your Bookmarks

Once your Bookmark has been saved it will appear in the left hand menu panel, under My Bookmarks. The latest bookmark created will appear automatically at the bottom of the list, but this can be changed to suit your requirements.

1. To manage and edit your list of bookmarks, click on the Edit button.

  • This will open up the list ready for you to make changes.



2. To change the order of your bookmarks, drag and drop into the order you desire.

  • Complete the changes by clicking Save.



3. To edit the names of the bookmark, simply click on it and make the amendments.

  • Complete the changes by clicking Save.



4. To delete the bookmark, click on the minus symbol (-) to the right of each name.

  • Complete the changes by clicking Save.



Creating Bookmarks for Activities follows the exact same principle, it’s just done from the Activities page. See the Activities Visual How To Guide for more guidance.

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