Recorded Webinar: Insights from an Art Conservator: Diagnosing and Healing Pictures, from Old Masters to Contemporary Works of Art

Rips, tears, sun and water damage can reduce a million dollar painting to junk. The skilled and often invisible hand of a conservator provides essential care for the longevity of the world’s [...]

Recorded Webinar: The Greatest Contemporary Art Installations: Introducing the Expertise of our Partner MOMART

Blood, dead animals, silicon, steel, trash, lead, straw …while contemporary artists are pushing the boundaries of the medium, fine art experts have to provide public institutions as well as [...]

Recorded Webinar: Unlocking Value: A Conversation on how Digital Collection Management Supports Art Lending

Your collection is a valuable asset, one that offers financial solutions you might not have considered. Today more than ever, there are a range of options for private collectors, dealers and [...]

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