How do I create a new artist?

When assigning an artist to a fine art object in your collection you can find the desired artist name by searching and selecting from Collectrium’s database. If you don’t find the artist you are looking for, create and add them to your collection by following these instructions:

Create an new artist from the Creators module:

  1. Go to the left-hand menu panel and click on Creators;
  2. Click on +Creator in top right-hand corner of the page and type in the full name of your new artist;
  3. When the option “Add ‘Joe Bloggs’ as New Creator” is displayed, click on it;
  4. Then, in the Add Creator window add their nationality and birth and dates.
  5. Once you are finished, hit Add.

Your new artist has now been successfully created so from now on you will able to search and assign them to any object in your collection.

N.B. Because Collectrium is a platform that caters for an array of object categories such as Wine, Jewellery, Cars and Watches (as well as Fine art), the term Creator serves to encompass not only Artists, but Manufacturers, Designers and Producers too.

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