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How do I sign up for Collectrium?

Call us at +1 212 796 5887 (Americas), or +44 20 3608 1312 (Europe), and ask to speak to a member of the sales team. You can also email us at If you would like a demonstration of Collectrium, please go to and send us your details, so we can get in touch.

How do I sign in to my account?

To log in go to the Collectrium website at and click on SIGN IN at the top right of the screen. You’ll be prompted to enter your username and password.

Can I transfer my collection information to Collectrium from another system?

Collectrium has developed an import template (the Standard Import Template, an MS Excel document) which you can use to transfer your collection data from another system or a spreadsheet. This template can also be used to upload multiple items at once. Once your data has been added to the template, you can email it to a Collectrium Registrar at and a Collectrium Data Migration Specialist will ensure that your data is migrated to your Collectrium account.

We do also offer a concierge service to help with transferring data on your behalf. The cost of this service depends on the size of your collection, and on which database you are transferring data from, if applicable. For pricing inquiries or any questions regarding data migration, please contact us here

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What should I do if I lose my username or password?

Click on SIGN IN at the top right of the Collectrium website as usual, then click the Forgot password? link. Enter the email address associated with your Collectrium account and we will send you a link to reset your password. (If you do not receive an email within fifteen minutes, please email or contact us here.)

I am having trouble logging in. What should I do?

If you are having difficulties logging in, we are here to help. Please email or contact us here.

What support and training can I receive in person?

At Collectrium we want you to be comfortable with the platform and aware of all the features you have access to. We are more than happy to host training in our offices, or come to you, wherever you may be. Please inquire for details, as price will depend on where a session takes place and the scope of the training you need. Please email or contact us here.

How do I add my first item to my Collectrium account?

Each item in your collection is an Object in Collectrium. You can add an unlimited number of Objects to your account, and each Object may have an unlimited number of attached supporting documents and photographs or images. You are required to fill in the Category field when you add an Object; we recommend you also fill in the Artist and Title fields now. You will be prompted to add more details, but you can also do this later if you prefer.

Sign in to After signing in, you will be directed to your account Home page. To add your first item click on the red Add Object button in the upper right portion of the screen.  You willl be prompted for the Artist, title, and Category of the work. To save this, click the red Add Object button. Now that you have created your first item, you can continue to build the record, upload photographs and document images, add dimensions, provenance data, personal notes and so on. The tabs: Description, Images, Financials, Offers, Consignments, Attachments and Location History will guide you.

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What kind of items can I record on Collectrium?

Collectrium was developed as a platform for fine and decorative arts objects, but you may add any category of collectible. Collectrium has also added cars, watches, jewelry, and wine and spirits to the category list. 

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How many items can I add to my Collectrium account?

You can add as many objects to Collectrium as you wish. Collectrium provides an infinite amount of space for you to store your collection details; this is included in your monthly subscription.

How do I add a new artist?

There are two ways to add an artist.

After clicking on the red Add Object button to add an item to Collectrium, you will see an +Add button beside the Artist list box. Clicking on this expands the box and prompts you to enter the first and last name of the new artist.

The other way to add a new artist is to click on Artists in the left navigation pane then use the red Add Artist button in the top right of the screen. Click on the +Add button and enter the first and last name of the new artist, then click on Create and Create Artist.

Collectrium also has a large database of artists. If the name you want is here, you can pick it from the list.

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What type of photographs and image files does Collectrium accept, and how do I attach them to an object in my collection?

Collectrium accepts .JPG and .PNG image files, and there is no limit to the number of images you may add. The first time you add images for an item, open the Object in question and click on the +Add Photo display. Follow the prompts to drag and drop an image or to click and select your file. To add more images later click on the Images tab, then on the +Add Images button.

How do I attach a document to an item or an artist in my collection?

To attach a document to an item, select the Object in question and click on the Attachments tab, then on the Add button. The pop-up Upload window invites you to drag and drop or select files to upload.

To attach a document to an artist select the Artist. On the right of the screen in the area entitled Documents click on the Add button and the Upload window will appear as above.

How can I manage my contacts in Collectrium?

Click on Contacts (Menu Panel>COLLECTION MANAGEMENT). Contacts in Collectrium are where the details of all the people related to your collection are stored, from the artists themselves to the people/institutions you have bought from or sold to, to the individuals and organizations involved in supporting your collection-care activities (insurers, framers, shipping & storage agents, etc.). In the Contacts section you can add a new contact or edit the details of an existing one. You can also generate a Contacts Report or delete a contact (and do so for one or multiple contacts) by checking the box beside the contact name and clicking on the red Actions button denoted by the Collectrium frame.

How do I record an acquisition?

Open the Object, then click on the Financials tab. Now click on the Add button on the right of the Acquisition row. You’ll see two options, Acquisition  and Auction Acquisition. Clicking on either of these brings up a dialog box that prompts you for data such as Invoice Date and Price. Click the Save and Return button to save what you have entered so far and return to the Object view or the Save and Continue button to save and carry on entering information about this transaction.

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How do I record a sale?

Open the Object, then click on the Financials tab. Now click on the Add button on the right of the Sale row. You have two options in the drop-down menu, Add Sale and Add Auction Sale. Click the appropriate button and supply the information you wish to record, including Buyer, Invoice Date and Price. Click the Save and Return button to save what you have entered so far and return to the Object view or the Save and Continue button to save and carry on entering information about this transaction.

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Is there a way to edit financial information if I’ve made a mistake or want to add further detail?

There are two ways to edit financial information:

– To edit invoice information, within the Financials tab of your Object, click on the blue invoice number. In the new display, check the box to select the Object (it will turn green); now click on the red Actions button and from the drop-down options choose Edit. After making your changes in the Edit Item pop-up window, click Save.
– You can also edit financial information by selecting Acquisitions or Sales (Menu Panel>OPERATIONS>). From here locate the Object you need to edit, click on it, then check the box beside it (it will turn green). Now click on the red Actions button and from the drop-down options choose Edit. Make your adjustments then click Save.  

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How can I itemize fees such as taxes or buyer’s premium for a transaction?

After entering financial information for an Object, click Save and Continue (rather than Save and Return).  In the ensuing screen check the box beside the Object, then click on the Actions button and choose Edit from the drop-down. In the Edit item pop-up window there is a Tax field, and in the case of auction house purchases, fields for Buyer’s Premium and Tax on Buyer’s Premium. Click on Save once you have finished entering information.

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How do I include seller information for a sale or acquisition?

First you need to add the seller’s name to your Contacts (Menu Panel>COLLECTION MANAGEMENT) – click on the red Add Contact button and type the details into the Add Contact pop-up window. Once you have done this, when you are entering information on a sale or acquisition, you can type the first three letters of the contact’s name and it will appear in the box for you to confirm.

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Can I delete purchase or other financial transaction information without deleting the Object itself?

Yes. There are two ways to delete a financial transaction:

– In the Financials tab of the Object, click on the blue invoice number of the transaction. In the new display, check the box to select the Object (it will turn green); now click on the red Actions button and from the drop-down options choose Delete. This will not delete the Object, only the selected transaction.
– You may also delete a financial transaction by clicking on the Sales or Acquisitions links (Menu Panel>OPERATIONS), as appropriate, then selecting the transaction type to display the list of transactions. Check the box against the Object with the transaction you wish to delete, then click the red Actions button denoted by the Collectrium frame and from the drop-down menu choose Delete.

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How can I organize my collection by object type/grouping?

There is plenty of scope for organizing your collection logically according to its content. Your Objects can be placed in Groups, which are subsets of larger Sections.

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How can I keep track of where my items are located?

Location Management is a powerful tool in Collectrium for keeping track of your collection – items you may have loaned out or moved to another building, for example. Click on Location Mgmt. (Menu Panel>OPERATIONS) and use the Locations and Location Changes links for an overview of the whereabouts of the items in your collection. When looking at an individual Object, use the Location History tab to see current position and previous changes of Location. Here you can also change the Location of an Object by clicking on the grey Record Location Change button; choose from your existing destinations or add new locations and sub locations.

What is the scope of the new Auction Results feature?

This feature incorporates sales figures from auction houses around the world into Collectrium. There is also a calendar of forthcoming auctions. This proprietary database has an archive back to the 1950s and is growing continuously.

What does Beta mean on the Home page, in the context of the Auction Prices feature?

Adding Auction Prices to Collectrium is an exciting new feature that offers the opportunity to give collectors the ability to search and monitor works that have been at auction or are in an upcoming auction. Because we have worked quickly to develop this component of the platform, it is still in ‘Beta.’  We will be working on further additions and refinements in the coming months we’d love to get your feedback as we work to continue improving it.

How do I look up art prices for a particular artist?

You may access auction results by clicking on Auction Price on the menu panel. From there you can type an artist name in the search bar and filter your results down to details like the color or the type of work. You may also access results based on a particular artist in your collection by clicking on the Auction Results tab within the individual object page. Objects without comparables in the database will not have this tab.

How do I run a report on aspects of my collection?

You can run a report on information you have stored in Collectrium in a couple of ways.

To run a report on a particular item in your collection, from the Object page, click on the Actions button (denoted by the Collectrium frame) at the top right of the screen, then choose Generate Report from the drop-down menu. Follow the prompts to specify the desired report and format options. Click on Add.

If you want to run a report on multiple items, in Groups select the group of interest, then either click the Select All button or check the objects in that group you’d like to run the report on. Click on the red Actions button and choose Generate Report from the drop-down menu, then follow the prompts.
When you have created the reports you require, in the Operations area in the menu panel, click on Reports. The reports you have run will be displayed here. You will see a number beside the Reports link to indicate the reports are ready. They are ready to download once the status has changed from Pending to Completed. Clicking on the report name opens the document for you to save or print.

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What is the difference between the Report formats offered?

There are three output formats, depending on your Report Type: PDF, Excel, Word. You can save Report files where you choose on your computer. As with any PDF, the file cannot be altered, whereas if you choose Excel or Word you can edit the information generated in the Report.

In terms of the data each Report Type includes, Collectrium offers a variety of pre-formatted Reports, as well as the option to create your own custom Reports. The Quick Guide to Reports has a table showing the fields corresponding to each Report Type; it also gives you detailed steps for creating your own custom Report.

Can I create custom fields for the items in my collection?

Yes, you may create up to 15 custom fields. Click on the silhouette figure in the top of the menu panel, then choose Settings. In the Configurable Fields tab scroll to the section, Add Custom Object Fields and click the red button, Add Field. Here you can enter the name of the additional fields you want to appear in the Descriptions tab of your object. Be sure to tick the box “Is Visible” so the new field(s) appear as an available option for your objects.   

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Are tags necessary; what do they do?

Tags are another way of organizing the items in your collection. They are optional, but as the number of items increases these additional labels can be helpful for searching and reporting on specific aspects of your collection. When you add an item to Collectrium you have the option to tag it – click on the Description tab, and scroll down to the Tags area. Add a tag by typing in a word or group of words. Click on the word or group of words in the text box that appears below the typing field. 

You can add as many tags as you would like and delete tags at any moment. You can also Bulk Edit your tags for multiple objects to increase efficiency.


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How can I filter my search results to focus on items in my collection?

You can filter particular attributes, such as those over a certain market value, tags, your available inventory.

To filter: click on Objects (Menu Panel>COLLECTION MANAGEMENT), then on All (inc. deaccessioned). Click on the word, Filter at the top left of the object list view. A filter menu will appear to the left of the screen. From here you can choose all your filter options. Be sure to click on Show Advanced for more options. 

Can I edit more than one Object at the same time?

Yes, you can. Please refer to the Quick Guide to Bulk Edits.

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​What are Smart Groups?

Smart Groups are ways of grouping items in your collection based on attributes they have in common, and saving this filtered view. A Smart Group can be created for any shared attribute that can be filtered to search on, such as Location, Artist, Measurements, Acquisition Number, Ownership, Tags, etc. For example: you might have a lamp, a sculpture and a decorative item, all made of glass but from different categories of art; these Objects would usually be in different Groups from each other, but you can give them the Tag of  ‘glass’ and they will all appear in the same Smart Group. Smart Groups update automatically to reflect Objects newly added to Collectrium or recently labelled with these Tags.

Can Collectrium recommend a company that can help me ship and store items in my collection?

Collectrium has strategic partnerships with carefully selected and vetted organizations. You’ll find more information on the shipping and storage company, Momart here. You can get in touch with Momart directly from Collectrium: Select the pieces you are interested in shipping or storing, and then click the Actions button, denoted by the Collectrium frame, at the top right corner of the screen. There is a Request Service section in the upper left corner of the window. Choose what you require and follow several easy steps to receive  a timely response from a Momart Specialist.

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Who can access my information?

No one can view your information on Collectrium but you as the Account Owner, and any users you nominate. Everything you enter is encrypted and stored at data centers with bank-level security, keeping it private and confidential no matter where you’re accessing it from.

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Can Collectrium employees access my information? How does Collectrium handle human resources security?

Collectrium employees, and this includes developers, do not have access to client data. In order to access client data, Collectrium support personnel must receive explicit permission from the Account Owner. To do this, the Account Owner must go to the Settings area of their Collectrium account and grant Collectrium support personnel user access.

It should also be noted that we do not outsource server management or any management that would give third parties access to customer data. Technical employees are carefully selected, have a minimum of ten years’ professional experience and undergo extensive background checks before hire.

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Can Christie’s view my collection?

No, none of your collection information is shared with Christie’s, nor any of our partnerships. Collectrium is an independently operated subsidiary of Christie’s with its own management and employees, separate office space and separate infrastructure.

Why does Collectrium require that I use a long password with a special character?

Collectrium offers bank-level security to ensure that your private information remains absolutely safe. We require a complex password to add a further layer of security.

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How can I show my friends and clients my collection on Collectrium without giving them my login credentials or revealing my financial information?

You as the Account Owner are able to give temporary, limited access to your collection through the Private Viewing Room. You choose which items and which details to share with a friend or client, and you can use the facility to request a shipping or insurance quote from a Collectrium partner, for example. You can email invitations to the Private Viewing Room, and you can withdraw access at any time.

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Does Collectrium have a backup of my account?

We do not offer account-specific backups, so if a user deletes or damages the data in an account, Collectrium cannot retrieve it. However, automated backups happen once a day, and complete copies of the database are stored in different locations with independent support systems. So if there is an issue, such as extreme weather, in one location, the copy of the database at the next location takes over. You can find more detailed information about this in our Security White Paper

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What security policies does Collectrium have in place?

Collectrium has the strictest of policies, both with regard to physical security and in the way the information is protected and backed up, ensuring bank-level security for client data at all times. Collectrium offices are always locked. Employees gain access with an electronic photo identification card, and visitors and contractors check in and are monitored. Data is not stored on site. A strict ‘no print’ policy is adhered to with regard to client information. You can find more detailed information about this in our Security White Paper.

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Does Collectrium have compliance and validation certificates in respect of security?

Collectrium and its data centers are compliant with multiple audit and review protocols. These include standards set by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants for cloud computing-based businesses and the Federal Information Processing Standard Publication created by the United States government. You can find more detailed information about this in our Security White Paper.

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What support resources are available to me?

Contact one of the Collectrium Client Specialists if you need help on any topic, or if you want technical assistance. You can either send us an email at or contact us here.

In addition to our FAQs, you’ll also find online training sessions and product demonstrations to help you get the most out of Collectrium.


Can I use special characters in titles, artists and file names?

Yes, you may use any characters in the Title and Artist fields, and any combination of characters in file names that your computer operating system will permit (the * is prohibited, for example).

What is the best internet browser to use?

Collectrium can be used with all internet browsers. However, it is optimized for Chrome.

We recommend the following browser versions:

  • Chrome v31+ on iOS, Android, OS X, Linux, Windows
  • Safari v7+ on iOS, OS X
  • Opera v20+ on iOS, Android, OS X, Linux, Windows
  • Firefox v27 on iOS, Android, OS X, Linux, Windows, Firefox OS
  • Internet Explorer v11+ on Windows

Earlier versions of these browsers do not support TLS 1.2 security, which may put a subscriber’s data at risk. Collectrium therefore recommends use of one of the above supported browsers only.

Why won’t the website page load? (I just see the gray circle spinning.)

Loading times do vary, and are influenced by the size of your collection. There may be an issue with your current browser; Collectrium is supported best by Google Chrome. You can try clearing cache and cookies, as well as making sure your browser is up to date. More browser details can be found here. If the issue persists, it’s also worth checking your internet speed.

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Why won’t my images upload when I try to add them?

Check that your image is in .JPG or .PNG format. Your internet speed is also an important factor when uploading images; an upload speed below 5 mbps may be insufficient. Be sure that you also have sufficient internet connection. 

Is there a Collectrium app for my phone or tablet?

Yes, there is a Collectrium app designed for both iOS and Android. With the innovative Collectrium app, you are able to enjoy your collection and every one of our partner services directly from the palm of your hand. It’s the same, easy-to-use platform, equally secure and even more convenient. You can download the Collectrium app from the iTunes Store or from Google Play.

Is the app free to use?

Yes. Anyone who already has a Collectrium account may download the app, and it is free of charge. You can download the Collectrium app from the iTunes Store or from Google Play.

If I update my collection information on my mobile device will it show up on my computer?

Yes. Since Collectrium is cloud based, anything you add on your phone or tablet will be available from your home computer. Your Collectrium account can be accessed through any device with an internet connection.

What are the differences between the Collectrium App and

There are no major differences in function between the Collectrium app and our website. Both offer the same bank-level security and rich functionality. The App does put the emphasis on convenience and flexibility, and offers a few handy tools with mobility in mind, such as the ability to photograph an item and visualize it in a new location.

Can I access and update my collection details when I travel?

Yes, you can.  You can access your collection details from any Internet-capable device wherever your travels take you. Through its cloud-based infrastructure, Collectrium provides you with unlimited storage capacity and mobility. The secure web platform means you are assured of bank-level security and absolute privacy. You may wish to download the Collectrium App for iPhone and iPad or for Android before you go.

Am I able to access Collectrium on Android?

Yes, the app is available for Android users. Download it from Google Play here.

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