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Have you ever used a Pick List? If not, then you are missing out!

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Manage, and perhaps more importantly, enjoy, your collection anytime and anywhere.

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Feel like re-hanging some of your artwork?
Use Collectrium’s Hang on the Wall feature on the mobile app to help make your decision. It could save you a lot of fuss!
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Take advantage of Collectrium’s new and improved Reports Module!
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Collectrium’s new and improved reports tool has been developed to enable you to create your own custom report templates according to your specific needs. Learn how to create a custom report template with this visual guide.

Make managing and organising your collection a more enjoyable experience with Collectrium! Click below to learn how to add cover images to your groups in order to identify them easily.

Collectrium’s powerful and intuitive design enables you to keep track and organise your collection with ease and accuracy. Enhance your collection management experience by learning How to Create Sections & Groups here.

Save precious time organising your collection by letting Collectrium do the work for you!

Learn how to set up Smart Groups with this tutorial video.

Everybody needs a helping hand every now and then. A member of the Collectrium Support team will always be there assist you with anything you are having difficulty with – all you need to do is Enable Support Access. Click below to learn how. 

Take advantage of Collectrium’s new Components Feature and learn how to accurately record multi-part objects by clicking on the button below. 

Collectrium’s beautifully designed object detail page can not only be enjoyed on your computer screen – now you can print a hard copy! Learn how to print your object detail page here by clicking below.

Keeping track of your collection’s condition is a fundamental aspect of collection management. Learn how to easily record Condition Reports on your Collectrium account here. 

Rather than adding contacts to your Collectrium account one by one, use the Contacts Importer to bulk import all your contact information in one fell swoop!

Utilise Collectrium’s Filter Search function to group together specific sets of objects based on common attributes such as value, category and ownership. Or use it to help you find an object you completely forgotten the details of – we’ve all been there! Click below to find out more about this powerful feature.

Need help navigating the platform? Browse our glossary to familiarize yourself with Collectrium terms and icons, tabs and drop-down menus.

Getting started? If you would like a walk through of Collectrium, schedule a training session with a Collectrium Specialist.

Unsure the next step after registering? Sign into your account and take a short tour by clicking on Settings and Quick Tour.

Are your collection details in another management system? Our team can help you migrate your data to Collectrium. Email us at datamigration@collectrium.com.

Need help? Check out our FAQ page or search our step-by-step tutorials. You can also reach us via web chat or call our toll-free support line at

Ready to start organizing? It’s easy to sort objects by group and section;
first create sections and groups within each section, and then add objects to each.

Did you know Collectrium has a Service Hub where we can help you find an appraiser or connect with a shipping and storage company? Simply select the objects you want, click the Actions button and choose from the variety of services listed in the menu. Click More to sign in and use the Service Hub.

Need to know the total worth of paintings in your collection or what percentage is paintings? Collectrium has a chart that shows value and object number based on six groups to choose from. Click More to sign in to your account and view the chart.

Keep track of loose paper documents like invoices or certificates of authenticity by uploading them to the attachments tab of your objects. Click More to sign in to your account and add attachments to your objects.

Having trouble selecting objects? The check marks are hidden until you scroll your mouse over the thumbnail images while in tile view. Once you see the clear circle, press it, and the check mark will turn red. Click more to sign in to your account.

Want your company logo on your Collectrium account? Under Setting click on the Application tab and scroll to the bottom of the screen. Drag and drop your logo in the box provided. Your logo will now replace the Collectrium logo in the upper lefthand corner of your screen! 

Want a quick response from the Support team at Collectrium? Press the LiveChat button in your account to have your questions answered by a Support team member, available live 24/5.  Click More to sign in to your account and access LiveChat.

Want to show your friends or clients objects in your collection without revealing any financial information or allowing them to edit? Set up a virtual Private Viewing Room. Click More to learn how. 

Managing your collection while traveling? Collectrium can be accessed from any Internet-capable device. Download the Collectrium App for iPhone, iPad or for Android. 

Need your estate inventoried? Collectrium provides Inventory Solutions. Click More to get in touch and get your collection inventoried.

Can’t remember an object’s details but know the information is recorded somewhere in your Collectrium database? Select Identify from the menu of your smartphone or tablet, scan the object and Collectrium will identify that object for you.

Do you have Artists in your collection that are known by one name? Collectrium now lets you add one-name artists by filling out the “Last Name” text field in the Artist section.

Want to browse your collection on your mobile device but are out of Wifi range? Click “Browse Offline” under Settings to access your collection even without Wifi.

Did you know that Collectrium supports cars? Click More to watch this short demo.

New to Collectrium? Learn how to add objects to groups and improve the way you manage your collection.

Do you have multiple rooms in a specific location? Add sublocations to keep your collection organized.

Not seeing a text field that describes your object in the Description tab? You can create your own Custom text fields by going to the Settings tabs and clicking on the “Configurable Fields” tab. Create up to 15 custom fields to fit your needs.

Trying to decide where to hang a picture? Use the Hang on Your Wall feature in your App to virtually hang any painting. Click More to watch a short video tutorial.

Migrating your data? Not sure what each field means? Click More to look at our Standard Import Template Explanation of Fields.

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