Over the past 50 years, AXA ART has been dedicated to excellent service for its museum, gallery, collector and artist clients across the Americas, Asia and Europe. Looking to the future, AXA ART is committed to constantly redefining these standards, working with a real consideration of the way valuable objects are insured and cultural patrimony is protected.


The newly developed partnership will provide AXA ART’s clients and business partners with access to the industry’s most secure, powerful, comprehensive digital platform for organizing, visualizing, and reporting on the critical data and activities behind owning and managing high value art and collectibles.

 “Our clients’ expectations are changing, they operate in a complex global market across different time zones and seek on-demand solutions. We find Collectrium’s wide-ranging features, its commitment to data privacy and security, and its capability to provide results digitally to our clients, wherever they are in the world, make the platform an ideal partner.”
Kai Kuklinski, global CEO of AXA ART

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