Simon Gillespie Studio
restoration of ancient Christian icon with  agate burnishers

About Simon Gillespie Studio

Simon Gillespie Studio is situated on New Bond Street, in the heart of London’s art district. Collectively, the team of five restorers holds over seventy years of experience; Simon himself has been conserving and restoring paintings for over 30 years. The Studio has an exemplary track record in saving paintings, works on paper and sculptures of every age, shape and form in various states of damage and returning them to clients in good and repaired condition. Our extensive client list includes leading auction houses, galleries, museums and a large private client base. To request conservation services, please contact Simon Gillespie Studio at


The purpose of the partnership is to make access to conservation services easier, digitally and on the go. The Collectrium platform has been enhanced to support the specific requirements for art conservation and restoration, including answering the needs of leading auction houses, galleries, private collectors and museums.

“We look forward to this partnership with Collectrium, which will enable us to offer a centralised and secure platform to our clients, maintaining the Studio’s standing at the forefront of conservation and restoration practice and management. Our clients will be able to access our services more easily, even on the go, and will be able to stay updated on the progress of conservation and restoration to their artworks through condition and treatment reports which will be readily and securely accessible online”.
Simon Gillespie, Director

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