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Product Feature Overview 

Collectrium is a comprehensive platform created with all collector and art professional needs in mind.  With unlimited capacity for images and attachments, Collectrium allows subscribers to move away from cumbersome paper documentation and keep all the information about their collections in one place. Discover some of the many ways Collectrium can be used to track the objects in your collection and explore features like:

  • Location Management

  • Financial Transactions & Activities

  • User Permissions & Sharing

  • Category-specific fields for Watches, Cars, Jewelry, & Wine


Comprehensive Reporting & Analytics 

The Collectrium reporting feature provides users with a comprehensive and intuitive experience. Choose from our many template options to run a report instantly or create, duplicate and tweak your own reports. Our editing mode makes it easy to format, change fonts, select attributes and add custom headers and footers.

The visually stunning Dashboard feature makes it easy to see trends across your collection according to object Category, Location, Value and more. This tool can be used to gain a better understanding of your collection en mass and also fill in the blanks where needed.

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Mobile Access 

View and manage your account with any cell or wi-fi connection anytime, anywhere, using the Collectrium mobile app. Add objects on the go, or simply peruse your collection as your collection manager adds more information. Learn more about our mobile app, available on iOS. Enjoy iOs-specific features such as:

  • Try on Your Wall: See how a piece of art will look hanging on a wall without barely lifting a finger.

  • Presentation Mode: Show off your collection anywhere with presentation mode. The iOS Presentation mode allows users to control what fields are visible so they can pass to a friend or client to scroll through with ease.

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Data Privacy & Security

Collectrium offers collectors a secure web platform to manage their high-value fine art and collectibles. Subscribers can access their collection-related data from any internet capable device. The cloud environment allows unlimited storage capacity and mobility. 

Every component of the Collectrium cloud-based infrastructure, including compartmentalization, server assignment, data storage and processing, is focused on security and privacy. No one can view your information on Collectrium but you as the Account Owner, and any users you nominate. Everything you enter is encrypted and stored at data centers with bank-level security, keeping it private and confidential no matter where you’re accessing it from.