Location Management

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Sub Locations

Use our locations feature to keep tabs on each object in your collection. Add sub-locations to track the exact floor, room, or even shelf where your object is located.

Location History

Each time you re-locate an object, Collectrium helps track the date of the move as well as its previous location. 

Financial Transactions & Activities


In addition to logging object main details (Title, Artist, Medium, etc.) Collectrium provides users with the ability to track all activities throughout an object's lifespan.

From Provenance to Sale, the platform fully supports a robust list of transaction types with fields available to fit your collection needs.


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  • Provenance

  • Auction & Gallery Acquisitions

  • Auction & Gallery Sales

  • Incoming & Outgoing Offers

  • Exhibition History

  • Insurance Coverage

  • Appraisals & Valuations

  • Expenses

  • Incoming & Outgoing Consignment

  • Gifts

  • Conservation History

  • Condition Reports

Users & Sharing

Privacy and convenience coexist at Collectrium. It’s easy to grant access to an art advisor, shipper, insurer or friend – anyone you want – limited to exactly and only the information you choose.

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Customizable User Roles   (Available with a Professional Subscription only)

As the Account Owner, you control who has access to your collection, what information is shared, and when it can be accessed. The level of access and permissions that each user has is defined by the Role they are assigned. Collectrium provides four preset roles which can be adapted according to your needs. In addition to these presets you are able to create a fully customised role to suit your exact needs.

Private Viewing Rooms

Private Viewing Rooms (PVRs) are private, visual digital spaces which give you the ability to grant a third party or friend temporary access to view a specific Group of objects and selected details about them. PVRs can be shared via email or link with as many people as you like and with varying degrees of access, which can be withdrawn at any time.


"Non-Fine Art" Object Support

Organize all of your valuables on the same platform with Collectrium’s "non-fine art" object support fields. From cataloging each stone in your jewelry estate, to the engine power of your vintage automobile, Collectrium offers category-specific fields to support the following types of objects:

  • Watches

  • Automobiles

  • Wine

  • Jewelry

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