iPhone & iPad Apps

Update and edit collection details wherever life takes you. From any iOS tablet or phone, you can easily organize and manage your records. The mobile platform is just as secure and easy-to-use as the desktop version, but even more convenient.  Add objects on the go, present a selection of works, view analytics, or simply peruse your collection. Download the Collectrium App on unlimited devices directly from the Apple Store.


collectrium mobile iOS.jpg

Add Objects

Collectrium mobile makes it easy for you to upload objects from your iPhone or iPad. Use your device to take photos and upload objects on the go with any wifi connection. Collectrium supports unlimited high-resolution images, so you can take multiple photographs of your objects and upload them conveniently from your device.

Snap photos on your iPhone or iPad, create objects with the images and fill out details at the object level as you go. The original image files are stored in your account for convenient access for viewing or download at anytime.



Presentation Mode

Present your collection with ease and sophistication using Presentation Mode. Use your mobile device as a presentation tool to seamlessly display and share objects in a presentation format. Adjust which fields you want visible to your friends, family, or clients while you showcase your collection. 

This feature highlights your images and allows you to zoom in and out of your hi-resolution photographs using pinch functionality, while being able to toggle between images and object information. Swipe through your objects by group, location and more, and present and share your collection from the palm of your hand simply and powerfully.

collectrium presentation mode iOS.jpg

collectrium try on your wall iOS.jpg

Try on Your Wall

The Try on Your Wall feature enables you to visualize a specific artwork within a space using Augmented Reality technology. Use the iOS app to virtually hang artworks on your wall:

  • Hang objects in current camera view

  • Hang objects on camera roll image

  • Add a virtual frame

  • Resize objects

  • Adjust perspective and angles

  • And more