Fully Customizable Reports

Reports are a powerful resource for providing quick overviews of aspects of your collection and for communicating information about your collection to others. With Collectrium you can create multiple types of reports for one, some, or all of your objects.

Collectrium’s fully customizable report suite offers clients the flexibility they need to create, save, and run countless report types across their collection. Subscribers have the freedom to choose from 15 pre-formatted report templates or create their own to fit their specific needs.

Choose the fields, sort order, layout and more. Visit our how-to guide to see how reports are made within a Collectrium account here.

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Dashboard Analytics

The Collectrium Dashboard provides you with a visual overview of your collection. The Dashboard is divided into three pages which together give users a 360 degree view of their Collection Holdings, History and Completeness.

dashboard analytics.jpg

dashboard analytics iOS.jpg

Collection Holdings

Collection Holdings provides an interactive color chart which subscribers can display their collection according to Value, Category, Location, Number of Objects, and more.  


Collection History

Collection History presents your collection in the form of an interactive timeline, providing an interesting way of visualising the comings and goings of your collection. Objects in your collection will appear the date they were created and acquired.



Collection Completeness

Collection Completeness provides you with the means of knowing what object information you have already recorded, but perhaps more importantly, what you are missing. Easily access the objects that need updating by clicking on the object count 

information completness.jpg