Privacy and security of our client data is our first priority at Collectrium. Collectrium has earned the trust of collectors and art professionals around the globe. No one but you can view your information on Collectrium. Everything you enter is encrypted and stored at data centers with bank-level security, keeping it all completely private and confidential.


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Confidentiality & Privacy

Processes put in place to make sure that client data is accessed only by those who have permission.

  • Granular role-based access controls

  • No access to accounts by Christie’s or Collectrium employees

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Application Security

Features built in to the Collectrium platform to keep the data it contains secure.

  • HTTPS/TLS 1.2

  • Mobile app encryption

  • OWASP secure

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Data Security

Practices and services used to prevent loss of data through disaster or hardware failure.

  • Industry leading Amazon Web Services in the Cloud

  • Frequent, automated backups

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Infrastructure Security

Safeguards put in place to prevent direct access to data through AWS.

  • SSAE 16 Type 2-compliant data centers

  • HTTPS connections with AWS

  • Built in firewalls


Cloud Infrastructure

These companies have been identified to protect and prevent our applications data from cyber-attacks and other advanced threat vectors. We follow the most up-to-date standards for security compliance and only work with the best companies in the industry to ensure full data privacy and security.

Cloud Infrastructure

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Collectrium data is stored using Amazon Web Services (AWS) Relational Database Service (RDS) the industry leader in cloud infrastructure security designed to satisfy the requirements of the most security-sensitive customers.

Penetration Testing

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Our latest round of penetration testing was done by NCC Group, a global information assurance specialist with particular security expertise, to ensure proper management of risk and threat limitation.

Security Auditing


In order to validate our security processes are up to date and are industry­ standard, Collectrium security processes are regularly audited by a Big Four global auditing firm, most recently by Deloitte.